For the purpose of equipment rental, the use of stages and / or services, hereby the Lessee accepts the following:

  •      – That the requested equipment has been inspected and tested to his approval.
  •      – That the equipment is functioning well and is in excellent state.
  •      – That the equipment is rented without any kind of guarantee or responsibility.
  •      – That the equipment, stages and / or services will be returned to the Lessor at the end of the date established in the equipment reservation.
  •      – That the leased equipment, stage and / or services cannot be sublet or leave the limits of Mexico City without the written consent of the Lessor and all possible lawsuits, must be settled in the courts of Mexico City, which is why the Lessee waives any other jurisdiction.
  •      – Both the equipment requested, and its confirmation will only be valid in writing. Once the equipment, stage and / or services have been reconfirmed, they will be invoiced regardless of whether they are used or not. Any changes made to the original request must be made in writing and their receipt will be confirmed.
  •      – The equipment, accessories, lamps, Fresnel lenses, etc., that suffer damages of any kind and / or losses during the shooting will be charged at replacement value.



   The rent of equipment, stages and services is for 24 hours, whether day or night-time shooting. However, when it comes to night calls, the lessee must notify in advance so that the equipment is properly reserved to avoid setbacks. In all cases, the equipment, stages and / or services must be returned to Renta Imagen before 2 AM of the following day or of the last day of filming as the case may be, otherwise the charges corresponding to the additional day of equipment rental will be invoiced.

   In the weekly equipment rental, the following terms will apply:

  •      – For the rentals of more than one week, the equivalent of 4 days of shooting per week will be invoiced without a discount, except for the technical personnel of Renta Imagen, since they are not included in the per week rental and their rate is per shift of 10 hours per day, plus overtime.
  •      – For rents of more than 4 weeks, special rates and payment terms will be established through a contract guaranteed by a deposit and in which weekly payments will be settled.

   In all cases, the equipment must return in the same conditions in which it was delivered for rent. Otherwise, additional charges will be made to the final invoice for its reconditioning and maintenance.



It is considered an equipment package when:

  • – The camera package (tripod head, matte box, batteries and lenses), lighting being LED, HMI, Tungesten, etc. units and grip packages are rented, as well as a power generator.



  •      – Equipment cancellations made with less than 72 hours in advance of the shooting date cause a 50% charge on the requested equipment and with less than 1 business day in advance, cause a 100% charge on the requested equipment.
  •      – In the case of the stage, please refer to the rental conditions of the stages.



  •      – The rented equipment must always be accompanied by a Renta Imagen personnel. The minimum staff that goes with the equipment does not operate the equipment they are in charge of; In the event that the Renta Imagen staff is required to operate the leased equipment, the Renta Imagen management must be notified in advance.
  •      – The production company cannot change the staff’s functions sent by Renta Imagen.
  •      – The work day is 10 hours long, from the initiating call time. Once the 10-hour work day is completed, each hour will be considered as extra and the call will end once the staff finishes loading the equipment onto the vehicles. If the preparation of additional equipment or changes within the same call is necessary, this time will be invoiced per hour based on the staff’s overtime rate. Technical staff must be provided with 2 meals per 10-hour shifts.
  •      – When shooting outside the metropolitan Mexico City area it is the production company’s responsibility to cover the estimate of the staff’s travel expenses sent by Renta Imagen in advance, as well as the expenses that arise due to excess equipment baggage, tips, etc. Travel days will be charged depending on the distance. In this case, the workday (10 hours) begins after the staff leaves the premises and ends when they reach the hotel.

     – When it is a short trip, the work day (10 hours) begins when they leave the premises and ends when they return to them.

     – Production is required to sign the reports by the staff in charge of the equipment when they finish loading the equipment onto the trucks.



   Renta Imagen has the appropriate transportation for the transfer of the leased equipment, in case of not requiring this equipment transportation, the vehicle that is intended to be used, must be approved by the Renta Imagen management.

   It is the company’s policy that to leave the metropolitan Mexico City area:

  •      – The equipment does not travel in a vehicle other than Renta Imagen’s without its company staff.
  •      – When Renta Imagen’s transportation is being used, at least two people should travel in each vehicle.
  •      – Never travel by night.
  •      – A charge per kilometer traveled will be invoiced according to the price list (this charge does not include transport insurance, fuels, or highway tolls).
  •      – The production company will have to cover the expenses in advance when outside the metropolitan area, this is, beyond Mexico City.



  •      – For the lessee’s’ insurance policies to be considered, the lessee’s company must show endorsement / warranties in favor of Renta Imagen S.A. de C.V. The endorsements must include the corresponding equipment lists and serial numbers.
  •      – For companies that do not have their insurance policy registered in our billing system, invoicing will be charged 10% of the rental value on the leased equipment per day. In the event that the policy of the lessee company has the endorsement in the name of the lessor, but the amount of the policy does not cover the total value of the equipment, only 10% will be invoiced on the difference of the equipment not covered. It should be noted that the insurance covers accidents and robbery with violence, and no theft, disappearance, negligence or improper use of the equipment by users, so that the flaws, damages, or losses will be charged at replacement value, including all the expenses that are generated (taxes, freights, import expenses, etc.). The staff are responsible to the producer, so the lessee should cover them in their production insurance policies as widely as possible. The lessee is responsible for any accident occurred during shooting or transfer to and from our facilities. In all the cases of loss, the lessee must cover the corresponding deductible (s). Films that involve risky situations for staff or equipment must be notified in advance and will be subject to an additional insurance policy. In the case of not obtaining such policy, the client accepts responsibility for the equipment with all the expenses and implications that could arise in case of an accident. Filming of air, water, fire and vehicles in motion or in which Rigs or mounts are used, not authorized in writing by Renta Imagen management or where the operator operates the equipment by remote control, are considered risky for equipment and staff.

   The Renta Imagen insurance will only be applicable within the Republic of Mexico, in case of traveling abroad, an endorsement must be submitted in US Dollars under the name of Renta Imagen S.A. de C.V. for the amount that the CEO’s office establishes according to the leased equipment.


  •      – For those customers who do not have a valid credit account with Renta Imagen, the advance payment of the total of their initial reservation is a condition for it to be confirmed. This is made by preparing an initial budget estimate of all equipment, staff and transportation that is required, including an estimate of staff’s overtime, power plant lighting hours and, where appropriate, mileage outside the metropolitan area. Upon completion of film production and in the event that there is a balance to be covered, the corresponding invoice must be settled. If there is a balance in favor of the client, it will be delivered together with the final invoice.
  •      – Credit accounts with Renta Imagen are open to all companies that request it and whose application meets the requirements specified therein for it to be authorized by the company’s management. The credit must be authorized and registered prior to any rental of equipment on credit. Once a credit account has been established with Renta Imagen, the payments of the invoices must be made within 30 calendar days of the closure of the project. Failure to do so will be reflected in the automatic change of the account to the COD category. To recover the credit account condition, the overdue invoices must be settled, as well as the interest generated by the past due balance multiplied by the number of days elapsed between the due date of the invoice and its date of payment. The percentage of interest will be fixed according to the average interest during the dates of the operation’s completion.
  •      – For the case of more than 15 days of rental, an advance on the total amount and a weekly payment schedule will be established. Failure to do so will be reflected in the immediate ending of the service.
  •      – For feature films, all invoices for the use of equipment must be settled before the last week, only pending the staff’s overtime, as well as damages and the last week’s expendables.
  •      – Renta Imagen S.A de C.V. does not assume any responsibility for the failure of the rented equipment neither for changes in the. Availability of the requested equipment due to causes outside of its control and will only have limited responsibility for replacing the equipment and staff for the time of the filming interruption.

RENTA IMAGEN S.A. DE C.V. assumes that the aforementioned Terms and Conditions were understood and accepted by the production company at the time of the cinematographic equipment rental, serving as a contract between them.